Just an evening more and a night till the middle left for a new year to begin.
Dates will remain the same, of course, but days gonna change. Time will bring new responsibilities, new experiences and new people along with it. Life may appear sometimes to be a complete mess and occasionally heaven. Our views will be modified and recasted, our priorities will change ,too. We may find ourselves in big troubles but happiness will forever succeed the bad times. After dusk comes the dawn, so , not to worry.
Take a chill pill in the new year , thank those who came as a lesson in your lives and give love to those who made you what you’re today.

Ups and downs are incessant, something that life teaches us.
Believe in yourself, you’ll find solace, incrementally.

Add life to your days – old but gold!

Take a bottle of champagne and celebrate, not because it’s gonna be a new year , but because we are much more grown up and learned than we earlier were and are ready to face and fight new challenges.
Whuhuuu… it’s party time .


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