Making Memories in my Mind

Make life a good experience,
Take achievements as a reverence ,
You may not know,
What future has for you
So cherish moments like morning dew,
Which might not last for that long
But be a magnificent part
Of your life’s song.

☆                         ☆                         ☆


Enjoy every moment you live and preserve it in your mind. One day will come when you’ll smile telling these to your progenies. Have a happy life ^_^

( This is the last post of mine and I’ll be completely underground for next two months. See you on the 28th day of March . Take care ya all ^_^ Love for all, goodbye )



47 thoughts on “Making Memories in my Mind

  1. don’t get too worked up…take it in a stride.
    Who am I kiddin I was crazy all through boards and a lot of the time I thought I was studying was actually doing anything but that
    self study is way more important than tuitions ..learnt it the hard way.
    You’ll probably do better than me anyway. I had way too much fun during and before boards..that’s wierd I know…..all the hard..make your teachers work harder…never lose your cool…k that’s about it…..see you in march 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thnq so very much for all your advices and suggestions. I too am a fun-loving girl, I’ll try to keep up with my gaming too.
      Yes I’ll work harder n in March end, will amuse you all with my ‘not so good’ posts ,hehe.
      I’m grateful to you, thnx for guiding me n showing ur concern. ♡

      Liked by 1 person

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