Harmonious Lovelorness


To the beats of euphony
I rattled into the bar,
Unaware of the symphony
That his lips murmured.
I stood, awestruck as soon as
I encountered him, his emotions submerged.
I think he was lost somewhere,
Deep deep , unfathomably, elsewhere.
Such strong built, but one scar
Where his sharp jaw line and cheeks merged.
Must have been in a fight , I thought,
Anyways , a bottle of wine I bought.

He kissed me passionately,
Gosh, it was a dream !
I wondered why he entered a domain
Which was meant just for me.
The next evening while it was
Getting really dark,
I heard a dog bark
On a stranger who wasn’t a stranger to me.
It was him, the man of my dream.

Shocked and struck I really was,
When I saw him with clothes tattered.
Must have been in a fight, again I thought.
My conscience summoned me to sought
What actually had happened to the man.
Now I stood in front of him, a few feet away.

With a shattered heart, it seemed ,
He was singing,  saw me and beamed.
I felt pity on him. Nature’s wicked!
To a man who had everything,
Destiny didn’t do justice. “Nothing “,
He said, “can make me forget her,
She loved him and I loved her.”
He sobbed,  stumbled then took a stand.
“Young lady,  you wanna hear more,
I have heart full of lovelorness.”
He sang to me the ballad of his life,
I wished I could add some life to his life.


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