It’s My Ex’s Birthday !

He said that he misses me
He just wanted to kiss me,
He thought I’d do anything for him
Poor fella didn’t actually know me.
He thought that I was mad for him
And yes I loved him deeply,
But aware I was of his intents
Of using me and my contents.

He ditched me twice ,
But like a fool I,
Believed his each and every lie.
It was now the third time that
I figured out his last crime.
Being fervent he tried to handle me
Seductive gaze he dazzled with a shine.
He knew that I’d melt and forgive
But thankfully I regained my senses
And threw him out of my life’s fences.

His love was like a drop in the ocean
That never really satiated my emotions
I don’t regret of never touching him
I’m glad that I don’t belong to him.

  ☆                         ☆                        ☆

By the way, A Very Happy Birthday you bitch of a son ! Hahaha…
I’m delighted, gratified and the happiest, for he cannot see this ever!



79 thoughts on “It’s My Ex’s Birthday !

  1. We all have to meet that one that just teaches us how a relationship is NOT suppose to go. They are gone out of our lives, but trapped in our memories forever. Gotta love those hard learn life lessons. Good you can laugh about it now!

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  2. Love makes time pass

    Time makes love pass.

    I am convinced that different people bring out different sides of you.

    Sometimes you have to accept the fact that there are things that will never go back to how they used to be.

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      1. OH! Usually it’s the i phone thing but you’re not using it! I don’t understand why it’s not showing?
        LOL! Don’t like iphone? How come?
        I don’t have i phone just this lap top is all.

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  3. Awesome as always. Your write up is well suited with in the words you use and the format.
    I like it.
    And very good sarcasm and the emotions expressed.
    A lot of them can connect.
    I have recently read a unpublished book by a friend and the story is same but the perspective is opposite of what you have written.

    If only I was blogging few years back, I would have similar posts as you 😛

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      1. Oh I didn’t think of that way 😉
        But nothing could stop you flourishing.
        Everyone has different flavor, your’s is amazing, so yeah, you would have blossomed. Cheers.

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