Theory of Life #1

I thought of starting a series because it now has become a trend and there’s no harm in following such fantastic ideas, so I present to you the series – ‘Theory of Life’ , that will unveil some ‘must do’ and ‘must have’ things, maybe qualities that are going to be of much use in the society we live in.

If it has what it takes to be appreciable, then it’s no harm complimenting!
Appreciating doesn’t bring your standards down, instead you’re liked by all.
So keep Complimenting 🙂



47 thoughts on “Theory of Life #1

  1. lol who studies for physical education? Still all the best for tomorrow. Nice post but I don’t think that complimenting nicely is always appreciated. Still some people genuinely mean it and that is worth appreciation.

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  2. Hello, dear Sanskriti!
    that’s a good initiative and complementing really matters 🙂
    happy to be connected with you!
    You have got a nice name. 😀

    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

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