When I Completely Changed My Mind…

It occurred to me that he loved me
I too went on a step further.
When it felt as if this time was the best in my life,
All of a sudden he left me.
A void was created deep in my heart.
I lost my sleep , I broke my heart,
No mood to eat , no mood to sing,
Depression hovered around my wing.
30 , 60 then 90 days passed,
I was stuck in him ,alas!
I realise that I wasn’t me anymore,
I became someone who was weak at core.
He made me cry not just in dreams
But once in front of my friend too.
I decided that day to move on in life,
Because true lovers on earth are very few.
I questioned myself ,”how can I love a guy
Who treated me like a fixable toy.”
I made my mind to leave him behind
Since his addiction made me blind.

Who would’ve have known
He’ll once return
And bring back those memories
I locked in a world of my own.

But I still love him!


57 thoughts on “When I Completely Changed My Mind…

  1. As u said true lovers quite few,why to go behind coward who really don’t know the value of your affection and love….! Your sultan will soon hit your life have an happy ending..Best wishes sunshine:)

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      1. Wasn’t it just a page of our book called life? I don’t regret. We don’t regret. We are the hero’s of our lives and not the victim. Lol, all the best to the son of bitches!! May the almighty be with you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha… well said.
        Just a page. The whole book is still pending to be written. We mustn’t spoil our heroism bcz of one poor thing that happened to us.
        I completely agree with you!
        Thnq ❤ 😍
        Have a great day.

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