Theory of Life #3

‘May she die of an accident.  What smooth hair and he likes it, crap !’
Of course, a stage like this comes in the course of jealousy when we want all the bad to happen to the one we envy , But CONTROL!
Mind is like mercury, wandering here and there,  swimming in unfathomable oceans , but we have to confine it, at least to some extent or else our mind will be like that of the Devil’s.
Let just the good thoughts sustain in your mind so as to create an aura of positivity around you that’ll attract more of people towards you.


B +ve
( It’s my blood group, too 😛 )



70 thoughts on “Theory of Life #3

  1. The husband was unable to control his tears. Doctor: We are trying our best, but can’t guarantee anything. Her body is not reacting. It seems she is in a coma. . . Husband: Doctor please save her. She is just 30 years old and the family needs her. . . Suddenly, something happened. Miraculously, the ECG started beeping like crazy. A hand moved, her lips mumbled. And she spoke: Darling, I’m 29, not 30.

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