A Lady Luck for Somebody


He winked and said, “My luck resides in her.”
Oblivious to the surrounding voices of disgust and discouragement , he sauntered slowly towards me, “Isn’t it, my lady luck?”

Brave enough to transcend that stage of perplexity , he looked at me with smouldering eyes that appeared to burry themselves in me. His gaze was intimidating but still charming and erotic. I was lost in his eyes and all of sudden he bent on his knees,
“Your dreams are mine , you’re a type of wine, something that I’m addicted to. Your eyes that shine, your lips so divine , I feel like living just for you.”
And a tear rolled from his eyes and that of mine. Who would’ve expected, after such long time, he’ll finally let his heart out and claim what was his, all the time.



61 thoughts on “A Lady Luck for Somebody

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