A few visits
A few good moments
Have made me an addict
Of his smile.
As soon as I close my eyes
His captivating looks
Lightens the darkness of my mind.
A bad habit has been created by me
By frequently going to the cafe.
A day without him seems like ages
Which I’m unable to get through.
Unknown he is to me,
Sans name, sans address
Through which I can find him.
I wish I could be with him
In every second of my life.
Addicted to his laughter
Addicted to his eyes
Addicted I’ve become
To the way his eyes
Claims his love for me.
I can’t visit him anymore
The luck isn’t with me this time.
I can’t saviour the coffee he makes
For me with all his love in it.
There are no chances for me
To salvage things I sabotaged
There are no ways
I can alter those evenings
Which lead me to all the repentance.
But I still believe he’ll wait for me
Until I’m up with the battle of destiny.



85 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. it’s very nice knowing you. I love the way you describe the moments of coffee, going to cafe and all the feelings that tell how much addicted you’re. A very well written sequence and cleaver strategy of setting the moment one by one like running a ghost. A well crafted piece. thanks for sharing!

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