If You Exist Still

I wrote this 20 months ago at around 1:30A.M. and I still don’t remember what was wrong with me that night.
Hope you like it.

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I know not if you exist still,
Believe me or not but that’s making me ill, Your presence is what I am bound to,
The possibility of living without you are nill.

All the days I spent
The sleepless nights that went
Thoughts of you hovered over my mind,
I don’t know if you think about me too
I know not if you’re alive still.

Lifeless possessions of yours
Remind me of your scent,
I know not where you are pinned,
I still have hope that you’d soon be in.

Come back, my heat moans and throbs
Escaping all fears I hault my sob,
Day by day I don’t know what,
Is killing the seed of love you’ve sown.

I can’t ask why you’ve been too good
At all the times I spent with the you,
But still my heart ask me sometimes,
If you were too good for me to confine.
I love you with all my heart and soul
but know not where you have now gone.
I keep waiting for the day I will,
Know if you exist still.



59 thoughts on “If You Exist Still

  1. I like the way you gamble with your head and heart. Your words express sheer about of emotions you have. It is lovely to see you write them so clearly. Way to go girl ! 😛

    Some of posts are mirror image of yours 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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