Kismet’s Injustice


His hands so fleshy and warm
His looks sending chills down her spine
His lips as pink as strawberries
His eyes that never meant any harm.
That longing she saw was something really old
As if waiting for the right time to unfold
The mystery his eyes hid from her
From the day she looked into his heart’s bore.
His mesmerising charm never failed
To spell bound her.
His snappy stare never missed
To be a part of the memories she hailed.
Of course there was something electric
Between them, they both were aware
Of the feelings they had.
They knew they’ll never act eccentric ,
But destiny had a distinct plan.
Who would’ve expected they’ll never cross eachother,
Even to get the last glance.

Well, hello everybody, hope you all are doing great. It has been long now that I haven’t posted anything.  I miss you people, but these exams have got the better of me leaving me helpless. Exams are still on but I wanted to post something and enjoy reading your views on it.
I still will be inactive on the blog but hope that you keep writing!
Have a great time ^_^



61 thoughts on “Kismet’s Injustice

      1. You are medical student u must b knowing all these termonogies

        Hepa is lever cardia is heart nephro kidney and neuro is brain
        All these medical terminologies taken from Greek language because Greeks were advanced in medical sciences

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