The Guy Behind the Counter

A lot can happen in a cafe ,too :p

I might sound exultant in the following lines but it’s worth this .

That day when I stepped into the caff
His nose was only conspicuous
Through the giant coffee machine
Installed at the bar.
Long and edgy
Fair and red
Must be the rhino virus
Fortunate enough to reside in him.

The unveiling of his beautiful visage
Took my breath far far away
He isn’t a studd
But a gentleman.
Not a badass
But beautifully carved by God.
Not hot but handsome,
Not short, he’s winsome,
He actually is a man
With such great accent.

“Hot Chocolate, please”, I stammered
And his lips curled into a smile,
Leaving me awestruck of the divine
Beauty that this man possess.
A man can be beautiful, yes.
He’s one of God’s masterpieces
Simply sculpted to distract me
From the arduous studies.

A coffee hater turned to a cafe lover
Yes, it’s me who’s insane to know
More about my dream’s cover.
His eyes are magnificent,
His persona mighty fine,
I wish I could let my whole life
For him to confine.
But ’cause destiny and I are foes
This ain’t gonna happen, of course, I know.

      ♡                      ♡                     ♡

I shouldn’t have posted this as my exams are so far nearer (1st March) but I couldn’t decline my heart’s desire to share this ecstatic feeling with you all (because you’re next to my best friends).



136 thoughts on “The Guy Behind the Counter

      1. Your welcome….i don’t worry about your result. Heee. Me meri exam ka tension nahi le raha hu to why i take your result tension. Mene to sirf smbhavana batai he….

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  1. Such lovely emotions beautifully put into words.
    Though fate can’t allow you do stuff, but we are always allowed to dream and hope for the impossible right!?
    I would be more than just happy to hear from you on my blog too!
    – Aishwarya 💚

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