The Day the Soul Danced.


**’Hey, please cancel today’s show , I’ll not be able to come due to some unavoidable reasons.’**

      ●                    ●                    ●

Conscience – “Don’t forget what your mom wanted. Just go. ”

Laila –  “I can’t !”
             “I won’t be able to. I can not. ”

Conscience – “Go , you can do it. It was all your mom dreamt!”

       ●                      ●                      ●          

**’Okay, good news , I’ll be there but an hour late.’**                                       

        ●                     ●                     ●

It is a night of music and dance, people are gathered from all over the globe to witness the magnificent art of dancing.
The stage is shadowed by the dark-big curtains.
Yes, there she is, Laila, the star of tonight.
She’s in her position to begin.
Gradually, the auditorium is filled with music that is calm and peaceful,  the pace of rhythm starts to increase, slowly and steadily. The music is  breathtaking.  There is an abrupt change in the symphony. It depicts pain and sorrow. There are voices of Agni – the fire , JAL – the water , voices echoing and trying to pierce the heart to fill in the sorrow of losing somebody. Laila is dancing beautifully on the beats of this heart – boggling music. Her movements are enchanting.
The aura created is elusive, hard to find and capture anywhere else. She is lost , somewhere deep. Her mudras are like that of Natraj’s. Her expressions are marvelous. Her body is flowing like a river,steadily on the beats. She looks beautiful.  It seems as if she has put in her heart and soul into the performance. Enhancing the level of dancing , she is totally engrossed in the rhythm of the music, feeling each note of the song, stirring her body like a free bird.
The music is now like thunder-strikes. And there burst the cloud along with the thunderstorms.

“Look daddy, Laila is on her knees. She… she is crying, dad! “shouts a little girl of around 7 years of age.

The crowd comes to a stand still. Next, voices of murmur fill in the room.
A person gives a microphone to Laila.
Everyone is curious to know about the reason of her lament.
“I’m so.. sorr.. oh no, my god!” ( she breaks down on the stage).
“I lost her , I lost my Mom. She was with me few hours ago but she’s no more now. She died an hour back.” Her weep is the only thing audible in the room.
The throng melts and people are left in tears.
“Come on Laila, you’re a brave girl, we are with you. Get up”, shouts a fan.
“Laila !”
” Laila! ”
” Laila! ”
The people are cheering for her.

      ~                       ~                       ~

Today was the day when her soul danced to the song of a loss, her biggest loss in life.

The crowd cried while she was busy stepping and recollecting her mother’s reminiscences. People felt what Laila was going through. They were lost in her moves that depicted pain.
That night, it wasn’t Laila who was dancing but her soul that was creeping over a wreck.

☆                             ☆                             ☆

This is my second fiction, hope you liked it. Thank you for reading.
Have a  great time.


78 thoughts on “The Day the Soul Danced.

  1. Hi Sanskriti Sharma! (Please tell me how should I call you. :))
    This is an interesting, and enchanting fictional tale. 🙂 Yes, you do have a talent in writing.:)

    By the way, I drop by to say thank you for following me. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Watching ‘FAN’ right now…
    It’s just amazing and mind blowing…
    I will give it three stars out of five.
    You can also watch it live at your place. Just switch it on and it will start revolving at an amazing speed on the ceiling!!!😃

    Liked by 1 person

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