You Spoiled Me

I never expected things in return.
Selfless I’ve been throughout my life.
I never had been at all strife
Oh, you’ve let the old me burn.

You gave me the joy
I never thought I deserved.
You took me to places
I always loved.

You bought me things
I never thought of buying.
You lent your shoulder
When you saw me crying.

You combed my hair
You swiped me clean.
I might have been,
But you never turned mean.

Did you originate
To sieze my goodness?
Or did you want
To intensify my evilness?

Why did you step into my life?
Made me your wife,
Ended my journey to strive
For love, and left me alone in worldly hive.

Who were you ?
Was I mistaken all the time?
You were a body double, a robo,
Of the man I think I loved?
He sent you,didn’t he,
While he was away running after his dreams ?

He is back now but seem like a stranger.
He created you but he isn’t like you.
Boy, you spoiled me
By your programmed love.
How will I ever again
Be like the previous one?



135 thoughts on “You Spoiled Me

  1. “Be aware of your own worth,
    use all of your power to achieve it.
    Create an ocean from a dewdrop.
    Do not beg for light from the moon,
    obtain it from the spark within you…”

    ~ Allama Iqbal

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      1. Arre yaàr esa mat bol.. Tere wo sare local drafts kaha gaye exam time pe likhe the.. Post them na.. Go outing with your buddies(I remember you’ve gotta big gang of girls huh😜) go somewhere out nah.. 😀😀

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      1. As I am glad to have followers as yourself. To see such a wonderful piece it only inspires me more to better my writing and give even more thanks to you.

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      1. keep smiling the you are !!
        if possible do participate in the Sunshine blogger award as i failed to nominate 11 bloogers and requested everyone to participate !
        take care 🙂

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      2. not a problem..
        it was about knowing something about a fellow blogger and making your blog award free says a lot about you already 🙂 so the purpose is achieved i guess, and am so happy to have a great fellow blogger in this shpere ! 🙂

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      3. Thank you so very much… because I believe that prayers are simply priceless when it is fine with honesty and without any expectation…
        Thank you once again..
        Jane a great day to you too 🙂

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