Incredible Him

His beautiful smile
Hides all his blues
His dazzling eyes
Give nothing away.

Now I’m addicted
To not only his beauty
But to his innocence
And his perseverance.

Not even in the wildest of thoughts
Can one imagine the privation
He went through, stumbling
At a really small age.

Hearing him urged tears in my eyes
How can almighty be this merciless ?
Siezing a child’s childhood
Is not an act of valour.

Time made him weak and frail
No, the outer is strong,
But the heart fails
To bear anymore wrongs.

His looks disguise his age.
A golden heart resides in his chest,
A heart that of a child’s.
He’s still unaware of worldly tactics.

His indomitable faith in himself
Carries him further in the fight with time.
He deserves a better life
And will surely earn one.


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