Not Anymore A Slave .

I lived in a dream
That turned into a nightmare.
I was harboured by a dream
That left me of nowhere.
Maybe I was
Destined to be
Ruined by my destiny.
I wish I knew
What I could do
Oh, I never
Dreamt of clues.
My mind claimed me
As it’s slave
I never earned a chance
To escape that cave.
It was a task
To outsmart my mind
My heart was in charge
To execute and grind
Away this oblivion
For I didn’t know
What I was upto
As my mind had coup
My soul .
I lived in nescience
Until my heart finally triumphed.
And I lived
Happily ever after.
☆                             ☆                             ☆

Random thoughts.
Do they make any sense?

Have a great time,though .


64 thoughts on “Not Anymore A Slave .

  1. ज़िंदगी तुझ से हर इक साँस पे समझौता करूँ
    शौक़ जीने का है मुझ को मगर इतना भी नहीं

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      1. Material Progress Alone Cannot Bring Satisfaction  

        Jesus said, ‘Man cannot live by bread alone’. Here, bread means material progress. Man has two aspects to his personality – physical and spiritual. No matter how much progress one achieves at the material level, one continues to experience dissatisfaction. This is because, despite the material progress, one continues to lead a life of spiritual starvation. Man must feed both sides of his personality in order to achieve satisfaction. 

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      1. if you can hear me, let me tell you ” there is a point where heart and brain will together take a decision, just listen to that moment. never go with your heart alone or never go with your brain alone.” I hope you can understand what I meant my dear sankriti

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