The Unloved Daughter.

When she was just born

An air of remorse ran into the ward

But fortunate enough she was

Who had a mum to fight all odds.

Years passed and she proved to be

A luck for her family.

She was the center of everyone’s attention

Love was poured on her by all.

Besides of all the economical adversities

She was bought the rarest of gems.

But, something stabbed her heart daily

An ache unbearable she bore bravely.

When asked of what was killing her inside,

She used to smile, then laugh and ride

Away dancing, vanishing the tension in a stride. 

No one knew what her heart

Knitted with a puerile mind.

She, being a single child

Desired of some company

Which she could never find.

Actually, she was starving for love

For her parent’s love was tacit.

Her soul couldn’t comprehend 

This unstated form of love,

She derived from her loved ones.

She wanted to be hugged

By her mum, gifted some presents

By her dad.

To sleep with her mother’s arms

Wrapped around and comforting her.

This was love to her,

Something she failed to scrounge.

Maybe her dad was too busy,

Maybe, her mom dreaded to be touched.

Time has made her of stone now,

She finds a touch unusual.

Strange, isn’t it?

A girl whose language of love was touch

Stills when her hand rubs another’s. 


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