If I Marry You (male version)

This is the boy version of If I Marry You as requested by Bhanu

. I hope I met your expectations.

There shall be many
Ups and downs.
Truths uncanny,
Situations when heart would drown.
But I’ll be by your side,
Forever in the world.
I’ll make you my bride,
And cherish you like a love bird.

My mom may, at times,
Be rubbed the wrong way,
Don’t worry,  she will chime,
Take her shopping somewhere away.
My dad is a gentleman.
He’ll never bother you.
Cook for him occasionally, if you can.
He’ll make a great friend, you won’t rue.

I may be annoyed, seldom.
Petty things might trouble me.
Surely it will be my job’s burden,
With you I’ll handle it bravely.
I know you love to venture.
I’ll take to you to different places
To add in life some adventure
And some time out from life’s race.

I’ll never forget to compliment you.
Oh, you’re made to be praised.
I wonder how God sculpted you,
You’re nurtured beautifully and raised.
I often doubt if it’s true,
A girl like you is every man’s want.
Thank you for filling my life with hue,
I’ll be there to hold you when you grow gaunt.

You won’t be alone
To leave your world.
You won’t be the only one who’d moan.
None of our lips, that time would be curled.
You may leave your parents
But I’ll never leave you.
My love won’t be apparent,
But I will surely marry you.



133 thoughts on “If I Marry You (male version)

  1. So you done it ha!
    Pretty good couldn’t have been any different

    It is simple as it is that inside of us there is this beautiful human who is always very caring and loving.
    Life may confuse you but taking strong decisions in the time when you are delusion sad and angry must be avoided. If that done I think every couple and family will have a great time.

    It’s impressive and apt. A girl makes lot of sacrifices and deserves all the affection and care, a boy is blend between the family n girl. Once the family treated her like a daughter and the girl treats them as her own family with no filter n grudges, it will overlap the families and feelings.

    About your talent on poem I was sure you would do it.
    You share a heart of innocence and humanity.
    Preserve it and always write your poem with it, however your life is.

    To the Poem
    To the Innocence
    To the Humanity

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    1. I loved your thoughts . You should write a post similar to this.
      I’m glad you liked it and thnq so much for all your compliments. This comment, it took my breath away. As soon as I saw it’s length I was like ‘OMG!’ Hehe..
      Thnq so much, again .
      Cheers ^_^

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I cannot summarise in few words, my inefficiency. I take lot of space. I do like to post, but I need a strong discussion only when such thoughts come out of my head. I will post though, the social dilemma category of my blog is reserved for such things. I am learning not so efficient as you, nor so naturally talented.

        Liked by 3 people

      1. I really do..
        I actually wanted to thank you for sharing such a lovely letter… Though I don’t know how far it’s gonna work when it will be implemented.. especially now a days..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Would u mind having a sneak peak into my blog ?? I have made an attempt to paint poetry , which seems to me a vital truth than history . One such is in store . Do have a look , if you find it to be a return to the precincts of my life .. Any suggestions or drop in , is most welcomed. Thanks!

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