If I Marry You

I’m leaving them just for you
Not because I love them any less
But because I want you
To let me through my dehiscence too.

Do not question me if I ever
Transfer some capital that I earn
Into their account, I’ve lived on their’s
And prospered, it’s time they rest and
Fetch some favours from their daughter .

Do not question me if amidst the night
I call my mother
Entire life she slept beside me
I don’t want her to feel alone at all.

Let me go and live few moments
Separately with my parents too
Because before this,  it wasn’t you
But they who glittered my life with hue.

Let sometimes my mom come over
At our home and cook delicacies
For me and you
Because she was the one
Who experimented new food
And earned praise and few “Good”.

Do not question me if I ever
Gift my dad a brand new car
Because every morning he gave up his sleep
To drop me safe at my school .

I’ll always be their’s
You too let them be yours,
You fell in love with their creation
Of course you’ll love and cherish their ruminations.

☆                           ☆                           ☆

Well I was in tears when I wrote this thinking of the future because it’s really painful to leave those who brought you in this beautiful world, especially when you are their only child.



152 thoughts on “If I Marry You

  1. Your parents are blessed to have a girl like you..!overwhelmed☺
    By reading this post I just recalls my childhood and doing crazy things with my sibling to get some nice hits on my head 😊,but still at the stage of adulthood I just love to lay beside them talking all those fairy tales in my childhood

    It’s seems lil boring for you lol 😅but thanks mate for making me to look back into wonderful times with my parents

    Love em💞

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    1. I’m honoured to hear that this made you cherish those precious moments of life.
      Being a single child is boring but beneficial, you get love from all and everything you desire. I don’t miss the joy of having a sibling cz my parents are like my bros and sis and best friends too.
      Thnq for giving some time to my writings.❤ 😍

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  2. I agree, when you marry you will have to leave your home to build a new one but the gratitude towards your parents for all their sacrifices should be a lifetime and your future husband should understand that 🙂

    Hope you find that guy. 🙂

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  3. Sanskriti , this is the first post of yours I am reading as an Author . I am really impressed by your write up . Single child or with brothers & sisters , you will be continued to be loved by your parents : Read one of my story : The Indian Love Story in my Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . May be or may be you like not . But that’s the story which has been liked by most of the readers & bloggers who reviewed my Book .
    From your post , it looks you are preparing for your finals of March , my Best Wishes to you #single child .

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      1. Mam , ( I wanted to use some other word for addressing you , but since you have so many followers , I refrained from using that ) , you have to get my #book from Notion Press @ Rs 200 < less than cost of Burger you eat daily when skipping your classes 🙂 I was teaching in a college where you propose to go now

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  4. wonderful poem with wonderful thoughts!
    very few people think this way. the earth needs more people like you 🙂
    your true lover will obviously love your parents too. ❤

    thanks for doing such a nice post 🙂

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  5. Sanskriti, I found here two things Which touched me so deeply. First thing ,you are too good to be so loving. Your parents are blessed to have you as their daughter. Second thing you are matured enough to plan your future. Your parents will never have to regret about you.

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      1. Hahahaahahah
        Haan haan kyun …nahi
        Jo apne parents se itni muhabbat karti ho …tou vo mere parents se bhi utney hi Adam ehatraam samman aur izzat se pesh ayegi ….
        Really very touchy and sensiive writings
        Thanks for sharing

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  6. You say thankyou too many times.
    I think I know why. You write so well, so you know there will be only compliments. So *thankyou thankyou*
    This would be funny if the comment on your blog was not a compliment. Jk.
    Have a nice life. 🙂

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  7. Exactly what a girl should think! you had given the words to innumerable thoughts of probably of each & every girl thinks in her life.. keep writing!! well done.. we need such kind of thoughts more on such platform. 🙂

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  8. And the day we will have people thinking in this fashion from both the sides, we will have become truly a social animal. Where we have learnt to accept our differences and yet decide to be together. Wonderful write up and since you have such a wonderful version, would you mind writing the same for a boy, where a girl comes in his life and what he expects or so. Just the dramatic mirror image of your poem 🙂 (*I can write but I want to see what you have got)

    I like the way you think and express.

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    1. Whoa! I was overjoyed just by seeing the size of this comment and when I read it, it gave me confidence that yes, I sometimes write beautifully, hehhe. Thnq so much for taking out time read and appreciate my work. ❤ I am so happy cz this is my ‘first’ ,u know request to write another poem, and of course, I will love to write it. You’ll see the other version this poem only after 29th March because my board exams are about to begin.
      So thnq ❤


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