I Give Up.

I adored his face
One last time
Reassuring myself
He will be fine
Because I no longer
Would be next to him
As it was never meant to be.
I tried to make it my way
I failed, fell and wounded
My heart just again.
It’s time I better give up
For all I did, simply went in vain.

#'Always' met an End

32 thoughts on “I Give Up.

      1. okay.. good question.. if so ensure that your heart and brain are conveying you the same.. i believe brain can take more logical decisions while heart might be a bit inclined towards emotions. if both are saying the same, then nothing to be worried..

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  1. Awesome Sanskriti 🙂
    Every part in our lives is destined to be as it is, people come & people go, making way for more good people, but this whole journey did teach us something which we weren’t aware about and made us strong and brave 🙂 🙂

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