The Void Life Left Unfilled

She cursed her parents
For a life
Which she never deserved.
She fought the demons
Every night
That scared away all love.
She blames her elders
For a match
That never was meant to be.
She weeps to God
Every day
To revert what he had done.
Her parents loved
Her much
But not eachother.
She has missed a dad
All her life
And wasn’t worth this hard-luck.
Now what dooms her life
Is that
She dare not trust no one.
What if he’ll be another one
Who finagle
And bereft her.
What she finds
Now in guys
Is a daddy-figure.
One who could protect and teach
Who can love
Her unconditionally.
All she needs is no pity
But the one
Who can change her history.


26 thoughts on “The Void Life Left Unfilled

  1. क़ीमतें क्या हैं हमारी उसे मालूम नहीं
    उसकी ख्वाहिश है कि हम मुफ़्त में हासिल हो जाएँ

    Liked by 1 person

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