I Confessed

Finally the day came

When my hormones were at peak.

That day when my heart was to seek

For love in him.

That day it was

When my mind, resolute and brave

Decided to speak what hid in my heart.

Yes it was that day 

When I revealed to him

How his name alone 

Sent butterflies to my stomach.

How his looks 

Sent chills down my spine.

And how his smile

Busted the stress of my life.

I was nervous, extremely jumpy.

Unable to think what to say to him.

No words, I thought could do

Justice to what I felt for him.

Therefore, the poems I penned down

For him, became the pathway for me.

I know not how to express my love

But my writings were enough to give

Some idea of my love to him.

He read all those sitting next to me

Some lines shook him

The others surprised him.

His expressions were that of disbelief,

His eyes full of incredulity.

He asked me if he deserved my love

I would’ve punched him

For disrespecting himself

And finding himself worthless of me.

 I told him all this is true

That I fell for him

The day we encountered each other.

He was astonished, amazed, stunned

All at once, that it made me laugh.

He looked so cute, so nervous 

And oh so beautiful.

I could have kissed his pink lips

And withered away his bafflement.

But I held myself back and

Let him digest what just happened there.

He sat there, startled, stressed, 

Though proud too, but saddened

As I watched him staring at the grass.

All of a sudden he said,

We were never meant to be,

And though he wants me

He wasn’t good enough for me.

I stayed quiet, processing his words,

Tardily sensing the damage

That my heart now began to undergo.


31 thoughts on “I Confessed

  1. Yes. It almost demands a retort when we show our love. Unworthy? You are worthy because we say you are. It is not for your eyes to deem yourself worthy but mine own eyes to discern. Do not belittle my heart to have seen you and opened me to love.

    So yes, I do understand. I had a visceral reaction to this. Excellent and thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha.. okay. I’ll explain it to you.
      See, we have a background difference, he and I. And he fears it. Plus, he says he respects me a lot and so he can never have THOSE feelings for me. He likes me very much and said that he can’t spend a day without talking to me but he thinks that he doesn’t deserve me (I hate it when he says this). All I want is him to know that he does and that I love him and I have no problem with him or his family . I hope I’ll make him understand that soon.
      Akhila, pray for me. I want to be with him, he wants the same but he fears it and doesn’t accept his liking for me.
      Lighten my hopes dear.

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  2. Beautifully penned,nice emotional feelings really great post Sanskritiji.
    “मुहब्बत की हवाएं प्यार की खुशबू जल्द दूर तक फैलाएं.!
    शुक्र इक़रार कर लिया हसीं ज़िन्दगी है खड़ी बाहें फैलाएं.!!”

    Liked by 1 person

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