​It’s time we part ways
It’s time we stay away
We have our lives
In front of us
It’s time we say goodbyes.

No harm has been done
Says the mind
But only the heart knows
It has always been too late
To give up on ourselves.

We are no more meant to be
Now it’ll just be 
You and me.
Strangers again.
I wish it were a dream.

The memories we made
Will forever stay
Jabbing our hearts
In a hundred thousand ways
Killing us both everyday.

The pace of my heartbeat
Would now never increase
As your mighty voice 
Won’t soothe my heart
And wither away my crease.

A void would remain
Throughout my life.
Irreplaceable you will be.
Because no one ever loved me
The way you did, unknowingly.

It’s time to let go.

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