Mid-Day Musings

​Not all wounds leave a mark,

Some just pierce the heart

Without anyone knowing what it takes to bear that pain. 

It’s not always what you see on the face of it that is true,

One has to peek into one’s soul to know what the puerile mind is going through. 

Sometimes, the ache is enough to break your hope. 

You find nothing soothing, nothing that can cheer you up . Life becomes melancholy. You no more think of bringing a change in the monotonous life of yours. You let things be the way they are prevailing.

No wonder the people around seem irritating, old grudges come into existence and you begin to hate everyone for even the pettiest of mistakes. 

Not so often, but you feel to repair the harm done to you, you think of all the good times when the other person made you feel out of the world, just to forgive that person, but then again comes the gloomy past in the back of your mind, that makes you feel vulnerable, used and low, and at that very point you feel like destroying the life of the person who made you what you are now. You don’t hesitate to kill that person in your thoughts. To ruin that person’s life, at that moment becomes your aim. 

You end up regretting the decision of getting closer to that person in the first place. You either think of ways to throw the other one out of your life or to make things right. In the latter, you’d probably have to sacrifice things, your ego- the good ego or call it something close to self respect, which isn’t easy to neglect. And there, there itself you stop, because you know you deserve better and that you have had enough of always putting down your wishes and always giving up for things you have wanted just to satiate the other person’s demands.

You feel tired of ceding always. All your life you’ve been dominating the world, but this person alone made you a submissive woman. You gave your strings in the other one’s hands, dancing like a puppet, doing what that person likes, loving what that person loves. But now you feel like freeing yourself. Emotions you’re undergoing can’t be expressed with the help of these 26 alphabets. 

You feel like going underground for like ever. 

You just want this feeling to end, and this time to pass. 

Broken souls are only comprehended by the similar ones. 


18 thoughts on “Mid-Day Musings

  1. Sanskriti, believe me I’ve been waiting for such deep thoughts from you. I’ve been waiting for your blog post for a long long time. 😍😍😍😘

    I’m so happy that you posted. And I want you to keep on posting Sanskriti. 😊😘😆

    About the post? Well, it’s heart wrenching. 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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