Let’s be One…

​Let the night be ours to make love

Let clouds escape the night sky

Whilst the moon unveil it’s brighter side

Let our dark souls get high.

I’ll make you forget all your loss

I’ll make you devoid of any shame

The night will be the time we gain

The best of each other’s fame.

Our bodies will unite

And the butterflies in my groin

Will be satiated of your thirst

And cease to cause any ruin.

We’ll share our breaths

Unashamed, unconscious of how we look.

Knowingly oblivious to the fact 

That we aren’t the pages of the same book.

No differences would urge us to stop.

No stereotypes would compel us to part.

The night would calm our senses.

That time we’ll just listen to our heart.

I’ll heal you and your broken faith

The faith in love, which you once had.

I’ll make you feel the best of all

By loving you until you go mad.

The next morning will be 

The best day of my life

To find you asleep beside me

A dream that’ll come true so right.

To look at your beautiful face

And caress your swollen lips

To draw my finger down your chest

And hold your hands and kiss your tips.

Oh, we’ll be one, one for life and beyond.

No more worries would ping our brains

We’ll face the world together, I promise

None of our efforts would ever go in vain.


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