No Love to Give

​Take away my virginity

It doesn’t matter anymore

I’ve already given away my gist

What’s body compared to the soul.

Lust is something complimentary with life

But love doesn’t stay by you

You can only love a few

And shower them with all you own.

But I have no love left with me

No attachments that I can bear to heave

It’s just the body that’s mine

My heart already broke with time.

I can’t make love, not anymore

But can satisfy the thirst within someone

It won’t be divine, 

Rather for the sake to please.

The kiss won’t be passionate

The hug won’t radiate good vibes

The make out would vanish the stress

But this won’t be perfect, 

this won’t be love, just a sweet mess.

I’ll bestow my body

Not with love but duty

As it will never be the same way

In which I used to lose myself in him.

And how we never felt the need to peel off our clothes

To appreciate our inner beauties.

Now my heart just pumps the blood

With no reservoir of love in it

With nothing but hatred to live

It’s just, I have no love to give.


You almost destructed my heart.               That no other could ever cure,.                   So how can I  have a love so pure          After the way god made us to part!

No Love to Give – Euphoniac⭐️

Featured image by Zain Khan.


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