The Last Meet

​I was drunk, so I called him up

Asked him to meet me that minute.

He was asleep, said would come in the evening to me

I said,” Now!” and disconnected the call.

I knew he would come,

My love was powerful enough.

Got a call from him the next minute

Asking me the rendezvous, and the time to come.

I reached the place earlier

Sat there wondering why I did so.

There wasn’t any point even looking at him

No justified answer for calling him did my mind give to me.

I waited for few minutes and then 

Decided to leave.

My heart was thudding, 

I wanted to vomit

I continuously cursed myself 

For fixing a meeting with someone who never valued my love.

I called up my best friend

Told her that I don’t want to see him

Although it was me who settled this meet.

She said, “come home, don’t worry.”

But his call interrupted our talk.

He said he was waiting outside the park

I revolted, “I am leaving.”

So as soon as I drove across him, 

I waved him a goodbye,

He stood there, shocked, I think.

My mind battled if he would follow me

But for few moments there wasn’t any sign of him.

He suddenly emerged out of nowhere,

Driving beside me, demanding a hault.

I took a stand, emptied my bag full of beer bottles

Then looking at him to read his face.

For sure he would’ve cursed himself 

After seeing me with those bottles.

He loved me, not enough, but yes

I used to see that in his eyes

And feel that in his kiss.

I was drowsy, I said him I didn’t want to see him

He asked me to stay, “Stay, for the last time.”

My eyes were watery, but 

God gave me good strength to hold myself back.

We talked, aimless, dejected

I wished to make him feel the worse

For ruining me and strangling my heart.

I succeeded to some extent

But he was clever, said, “I’m happy, satisfied now.”

This hit me hard and I almost died a death.

I looked into his eyes

They appeared different, 

This wasn’t the same man anymore,

Maybe he changed, or his love for me did.

We talked some more, 

Said goodbyes and left.

I couldn’t sleep after reaching home

Concluded that he’s now gone.

Vowed to never hurt myself because of some unfaithful brat again

Moved on, poised, calm and sane.



20 thoughts on “The Last Meet

  1. Very well done! Powerful writing. I liked the back-and-forth feelings that you communicated with force and purpose. While it is extremely difficult to put personal experiences into writing, I think you have succeeded perfectly.

    Thank you for sharing. You’re very brave!

    Liked by 1 person

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