I Rose For You

​I had fallen for many

But I rose for you


As soon as I ascended

You pushed me down

On to the ground

Submerging my heart

Into grave torment

And terribly traumatizing

My brain and mind

Victimising my soul

Destructing my insides

Weakening me to the heights

And leading me to a sombre world

That once I harboured inside.

Now there’s no hope

Of coming back,

My darkest side

Has dominated already.

I expect nothing more

Serendipity isn’t a hope, too.

No force can summon me

To the luminous side.

No cupid can wake up

The feelings inside.

I am cold as ice

And hard as a diamond

Even my heart has

Given up on me,

And my soul deceased.

Broken into shards 

Stepped on, brutally and hard

I wonder if I could stand again

Again live and love my life

I reckon if I could be the same 

I once was and surprise those

Who still strive to mend my psyche.


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