Our Wicked Sense of Love

​The night was chilly and dark
The moon peeking through the clouds
As rain poured down
And lightened the hearts
Of romantics around.
We both, unaware of love
Busied ourselves in playing ping pong.
Table tennis was my first love,then,
His was me, 
And I was oblivious to this fact.
We stood across each other,
Around the table, mending our game,
Teaching each other new techniques
Cracking jokes that were too lame. 
Laughing and giggling, I bursted out , 
He cocked his head to a side
And stared at me with his burning eyes.
This gesture wasn’t anew,
He enjoyed to see me laugh, I knew.
He came to me while I was busy laughing,
I held his arms to stabilise myself,
We’ve been too close even before
But this time, there was a spark
An electricity generating in between us.
He held my waist and nuzzled into my neck.
I didn’t know what my hormones were exercising over me,
But I too held him tight and closer to me.
He kissed my cheek that already turned pink,
I quickly went on my toes 
And reciprocated the kiss.
The weather was thunderous,
We could hear the lightening too,
It was cold though,
But we were completely warm
From our insides.
It was the fire burning in our bodies
And the direst desire to consume each other
That made us want more.
We kissed, our tongues tangled,
My hands in his hair, 
And his , hovering over my body.
It was passionate love,
Which we barely knew few minutes ago.
His teeth biting my lower lip
My tongue vanquishing his mouth.
This was intense, our new sexy,
That took our breath away.
I climbed up his body
While he balanced against the table
Table, which we never thought
One day would mark
Our love and our dark desires.
He sat on the table,
And I sat on him.
He smiled at my lips,
My eyes met his gaze,
And we embraced one another’s beautifully sculpted body.
The hug was a promising one,
Which I never wanted to end.
I felt complete, for the first time.
My head on his chest, 
His arms around me.
I could hear the sound of his heartbeat, 
It was the euphony
I searched for my entire life.
This heat of the moment ended,
And we bursted out laughing again.
We couldn’t believe that
We did what we did.
It was great though
But still unconvincing to us.
We chuckled, astonished a little
But happier,
And went on to play
The game of ping pong again.


38 thoughts on “Our Wicked Sense of Love

  1. Oh my!! It’s so hot!! Somebody open the window please!!!
    That’s intense love actually!!!
    Too bad I am still single, and worse I can’t teach her ping pong game idk myself…..
    You never fail to amaze people with the intensity and the depth……

    Who won the game btw??

    Liked by 2 people

  2. there are only few writer who could keep love making both witty and passionate at the same time,your definitely one among those.Waiting for that where you take up writing as your profession and give yourself a best selling novel and see your book on the stands of New York best selling novel and not forget me getting signed copy of yours novel..😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn, this is soo good 😍
    I could just visualize each and very thing , the way you described every detail is just marvelous.
    Keep going , keep growing 🙂
    Good Luck

    Liked by 1 person

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