You’re scared that you’ll lose the one 

Who loved you unconditionally.

You know exactly what you did to her

And now you fear that she might depart.

That’s what’s in your mind

How to stop her from ruining you.

You’re gonna say everything you could

To make her stay as long as you would

You would lie and sew delusive dreams

To trap her in the game of words

You’d use future as your weapon

And her weakness as your strength

To stop her from letting go of you

And give you what you want the most.

You would promise her a lifetime

Which might last for a month or so

Until you’ve tasted her flesh 

The way you did with the previous one.

 You would put in all your tactics 

To soothe yourself with her warmth and body.

But I’m afraid you’ll fail this time

As it’s the fire you’re dealing with

Which would turn you to ashes

If you try to play with it’s blaze.

Beware of the goddess within her

She won’t spare you if you stick with her.

No one has a way with this girl

She’ll destroy you if you’ll try to use her.

There’s no time to mend what you did, you can just regret vandalising the woman who loved you the most.



27 thoughts on “Regrets 

  1. The best part about your posts is that the one who is reading is able to understand what you are trying to convey and it is not at all easy on the writer’s part.
    I feel connected to your posts and this is what makes you amazing 🙌.

    Liked by 1 person

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