The Truth About Love

I found myself in a locked room
Contemplating life on earth
What shook my mind
Was a mere truth
That I never wondered could be so.
Love was something
I’ve pondered upon since my juvenility.
This word showcased a new definition
Each and everyday eventually.
There were days
I wanted to be loved
Then came time when
I crawled away from it.
But that day I dealt with the verity
Love is something not all can feel.
I don’t know why I cried
And pitied those
Who don’t really savvy love.
For I’ve witnessed this passion
And I have grown happier.
But I’ve seen those
Lost in lust
Who’ve tasted flesh but not love.
It’s divine, it truly is
The best thing that can happen to one.
It’s true, that you find
Even the usual sky beautiful
And seek contentment in melodies
That earlier you termed as sound.
The whole world turns new
And you change for the best.
Bodies don’t count,
Heart does.
One heart to love is enough
One body? It won’t matter when you’re in love.


13 thoughts on “The Truth About Love

  1. Bodies dont count heart does.
    One Heart to love is enough.
    Wow, Just wow, I am stunned.
    I loved it.
    Very nicely written.
    Waiting for more.

    Liked by 2 people

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